Launched in 2022 in the heart of London, Cavo is a truly unforgettable bar and dining experience inspired by the diversity and originality of the endless flavours, colours, aromas and delights associated with sun-kissed Mediterranean cuisine.

Cavo’s heart felt culinary odyssey spans the islands and coast of this remarkable region, taking in the multitude of natural resources and blending Mediterranean culinary traditions with brilliant improvisation and modernity.

The Amalfi lemon is one of the most important and versatile ingredients in the Mediterranean paradise. Well known for its healing properties, it has been used for centuries to add flavour and enhance meat, fish, vegetable and pasta recipes from the region. The peels of the precious ‘Amalfi Coast Gold’ fruit are also expertly blended to create the wonderful Limoncello, an unmistakable liqueur which typifies most southern European tables.

Olive Oil is the cornerstone and unrivalled ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet – it’s the perfect condiment for fish, meat and vegetables. Cavo will leave no stone left unturned in our pursuit of choosing the finest olive oils for you, sourcing the highest quality varieties from Italy, Spain and Greece, based on favour profiles and tasting notes.

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With mouth-watering authentic dishes bursting with flavour, to delivering a selection of carefully sourced wines and expertly crafted cocktails, Cavo’s mission is to put our customers at the centre of a thoroughly modern Mediterranean culinary experience.


The Mediterranean is one of the most productive and plentiful seas on the planet, with its abundance of tantalising fish and sea creatures. Our speciality seafood menu of the freshest and mouth-watering ceviche, carpaccio and shellfish is enlivened by bright citrus flavours, regional spices with seasonal vegetables and seaweed. A feast for the eye and the senses.